Non-degree seeking students are generally non-traditional students who are seeking to further their education but are not seeking to complete a degree. 这些选项 are designed to accommodate a small number of students with very specific academic goals, to pursue some special interest, or for self-enrichment and do not wish to 努力获得学位.


    1. Start your application online.
    2. Submit official high school transcripts from accredited high school for all 课程 尝试工作
    3. Submit official transcripts from every 机构 attended since high school.
    4. If you want to be considered for in-state tuition, you must submit your verification 合法存在.
    5. 接触% 20招生 to make sure we've received all of your documentation.



Mail Documents for All 位置 to:

East Georgia State College
Swainsboro, GA 30401

文档上传In addition to the link below, you may also use this QR Code to safely upload your documents for processing.

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